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JA Valeting & Detailing is a local and independent business based in Greylees near Sleaford, Lincolnshire, providing mobile professional vehicle cleaning services and maintenance to the local area and beyond.

We are fully insured and health and safety compliant. We are happy to travel (subject to distance) to wherever you need us to be, whether that be at your home or your place of work.

A dirty and neglected vehicle can cause much unnecessary stress to both the paintwork and it's vital components. If left prolonged, a quick and simple wash will not necessarily suffice, nor help maintain the longevity, safety and value of your vehicle.

JA Valeting & Detailing are passionate about vehicle care with a strong focus on preserving your vehicles condition which will help retain both it's value and reliability.Plus who doesn't love a nice, clean and shiny vehicle that looks and smells showroom fresh!

We offer a range of services to suit you and your vehicles requirements at price points to suit all budgets.We are also able to provided tailored packages that suit your needs if you require something specific or bespoke, for example paint correction.

In addition we also offer regular maintenance schedules along with one off valets and detailing appointments.We cater for all cars and commercial vehicles, so please do get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Please call Jack on 07534 972862 to discuss your requirements or to book a service.Alternatively, you can contact us via email by clicking the email icon at the top of the website, or by submitting the online form located on the contact page.You can also send a message via WhatsApp by clicking on the logo below or at the top of the page.

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Have you ever wondered what exactly valeting and detailing is? Or maybe what the difference is between the two?You could easily be led to believe that valeting and detailing are the same thing, or even just posh phrases for the quick drive thru type car washes you see alongside every road.

However, good professional valeting takes time as it involves meticulous attention to detail and care during the washing, cleaning and finishing processes.Valetining a vehicle thoroughly using good quality products whilst applying the best industry methods largely distinguishes valeting from your average back street car wash.

An important part of any valeting process involves the use of pre washes and snow foam systems, to loosen contaminants attached to a vehicles bodywork. This allows the contaminants to disolve and be removed before moving on to the washing phase of the process, which consist of far more that just a bucket of water slapped about with a sponge.

We use the industry standard two bucket method to help prevent cross contamination and damage to vehicle paintwork and other surfaces as dirt, grit and other harmful particles can become trapped and dragged along, causing visible scratches, swirls and imperfections.

Valeting is largely concerned with the removal of dirt from a vehicle both inside and out, whilst detailing focuses on correcting, enhancing and then protecting a vehicle's aesthetics.Once a vehicle is immaculately clean, it is then important to treat all areas, but especially all paintwork with polish, wax and finally sealant to lock the freshly applied protective layers in.

JA Valeting & Detailing have a vast amount of knowledge and industry experience and are committed to helping you meet your needs and requirements when it comes to looking after your vehicle.Coupled with an enthusiasm and keen interest for all things vehicle care, we strive to bring you the best possible results and experience whilst still providing you with good value for money services.We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Valeting Packages


A standard valeting package that will noticeably enhance and improve the appearance and condition of your vehicle.Consists of:

  • Vehicle pre-wash

  • Wheels and arches shampooed

  • Two bucket method safe wash

  • Safe system tar removal

  • Interior hoovered and wiped down

  • Glass cleaned

  • Spray sealant applied to all exterior surfaces

Starting From £40


Protect you vehicle from the cold and poorer weather conditions. Your vehicle will be well prepared, but more importantly protected against the harsher elements that winter brings.Consists of:

  • Vehicle pre-wash

  • Two bucket method safe wash

  • Wheels and paintwork decontaminated

  • Sealant applied to glass and wheels

  • Wax coating applied to ensure easy maintenance and protection against road salt, harsh road grime and UV rays throughout the winter months

  • Add an interior deep clean for only £40!

Starting From £75


An extensive valeting package that includes all of the Maintenance Clean stages, but with the addition of extra treatments and protective products both inside and out, to help keep your vehicle cleaner for longer, providing a more enhanced overall appearance.Consists of:

  • All Maintenance Clean stages, plus:

  • Wheels and paintwork chemically decontaminated

  • Ceramic foam applied to keep your car cleaner for longer and add extra layer of gloss

  • Full interior detail

  • Full interior steam clean to kill any bacteria and lift any stains

  • Dashboard dressed

  • All glass cleaned

  • Spray air freshener

Starting From £85

Detailing Packages


Our paint enhancement package is guaranteed to make your vehicle look immaculate and resemble showroom condition.Consists of:

  • Full exterior deep clean

  • Wheels and paintwork fully decontaminated

  • Glass and wheel sealant applied

  • One stage machine polish to remove minor blemishes and swirl marks, restoring a deep shine to your paintwork

  • Panels wiped of residue before application of a professional grade wax coating to provide several months of protection against road grime, salt, UV rays, whilst adding an extra layer of shiny gloss

  • Add an interior deep clean for only £35!

Starting From £175

Additional Services

We offer a number of additional services which can either be added to one of our current valeting or detailing packages, or provided as a one off service. We are happy to accommodate whatever you require.Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we'll be happy to quote you with a price.


  • Ceramic coatings

  • Multi stage paint correction

  • Hand polishes

  • Engine bay cleaning

  • Trade services

  • Scratch removal

  • Motorcycles



Please get in touch using the contact form below if you have any queries or to book a valeting or detailing service.Alternatively, call Jack on 07534 972862 to discuss your requirements or send a message via WhatsApp.Click the logo below.